The Isles of Shoals Historical and Research Association Grant Program

The Isles of Shoals Historic and Research Association is pleased to announce our quarterly Grant Program. This program is intended to provide funds for creative projects directly involved with and benefiting the broad mission of ISHRA, which shall be the greatest consideration for funding decisions. This is an opportunity for both individuals and organizations to be specific in requesting funds.

Membership in ISHRA is not required, but ISHRA members will be given a higher priority. Range of grant monies is from $100 – $1000. Grants shall be one-time per project awards. This grant process is specifically NOT to be used to cover speaker or attendee expenses at conferences or gatherings, or nor any travel expenses. Requests must be specific; “general funding” within a much larger project will not be awarded.

Application Deadline (Quarterly): January 1, April 1, July 1, October 1

Award decisions made by the Grant Committee (made up of ISHRA Board Members) shall be final, and grant applicants will be notified prior to the next scheduled semi-annual meeting. The Committee reserves the right to modify amounts awarded, request clarification/modifications, and to decline funding.

Download the grant application by clicking here: ISHRA Grant Application

Revised October 2009